VizTool Documentation (11.5.2014)
The documentation below describes the VizTool suite of tools and how the client, server and database components interact. This describes in detail the Java server-side code, since we believe this to be the most portable and reusable elements of this effort. The client code is written entirely in Adobe Flex and ActionScript which is rapidly being replaced by HTML5 and JavaScript as of this writing. Since the mechanisms that Flex uses for client interaction are significantly different than those used by common JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, the client code is not detailed, just shown in it's relationship with the other elements of the system
The common elements of the server are:
System Diagrams. Contains high-level diagrams of the complete system, including client, server and database relationships.
Package Diagrams. Contains the relationship of all classes on the server (Java) code.
API. Contains the detailed descriptions of all the Java server-side code.